Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor- Dipcouns Diphyp MNCS MUKATA

I provide online Psychotherapy Counselling & Hypnotherapy for those who consider themselves to be neurodivergent.

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There are many questions we can ask ourselves in pursuit of feeling better or becoming more emotionally healthy. Many of the issues we face later in life were mapped out in our earliest years and the therapeutic relationship helps us to understand and overcome patterns of behaviour which may limit our potential in adulthood.

Having the courage to face our deepest fears may only truly be understood in times of distress but when they arise it can be the opportunity to build stronger foundations in ourselves.

In the sessions you will explore what is going on in your life to understand how this impacts on your day to day living and how you can best generate freedom of choice for yourself.

I work with teenagers (16+) and adults in many areas, these include:


-Anxiety and Depression 

-Perinatal mental health


-Narcissistic Abuse


-Transpersonal Exploration 

Counselling and Psychotherapy are positive steps to creating the best possible outcome in many situations.