Would you like to explore who you are?

Do you have dreams of living a different life?

Do you the courage to discover your highest potential?

There are many questions we can ask ourselves in pursuit of feeling better or becoming more emotionally healthy.

Scientists have discovered we are almost 95% controlled by our sub-conscious minds. These are the places that do not want to be seen; maybe it is to trust others, to feel loved and supported or valued and understood. Many of the issues we face later in life were mapped out in our earliest years and the therapeutic relationship helps us to understand and overcome these patterns of behaviour that limit our potential in adulthood.

I am a qualified and fully insured psychotherapeutic counsellor working in private practice with a diverse range of people. I provide psychological support for people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, emotional problems, addiction, stress and many other related issues.

The goal of my work is to create a strong therapeutic relationship that allows my clients to reach deep within themselves and create authenticity, spontaneity and awareness. The propagation of these qualities is necessary when we want to feel fully alive and creative.

In our sessions together we explore what is going on in your life to understand how this impacts on your day to day living and how you can best generate freedom of choice for yourself.