Freedom Through Choice

We grow and adapt to our societal norms and parental conditions to arrive one day to a completly new set of beliefs which may be in conflict with how we were raised. This may result in an emotional discord deep within, a feeling of cognitive dissonance effecting our bodies and minds to such an extent we would do anything for the uncomfortable feelings to stop. Understanding this is our growing, our stretching into our authentic self.

This threat to our safety is beyond anything we could imagine to tolerate but still we fight to maintain our original being. Just as the caterpillar in pupa desolves to a mush before it can reform in to its original intention. Surrendering into the unknown can be tantamount to a feeling of death to our deepest exsistence and everything we have ever known or will know.

Some how we must develop trust and faith that these intolerable feeling are messages from our higher self just as if we were moments away from a bungee jump or a free fall skydive. We must choose to trust our highest potential for this is where we belong, this is where we are ment to be. The discord is not that we need to return to what we know but we must leap to who we are.

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