Morning Ritual

Over the years I have designed a morning routine that really works with my lifestyle. I like to combine activities to get the maximum use of time and get to do the, not so interesting things finished, along-side more favourable activities. I love to wake up in fresh clean sheets, in a clear uncluttered room. My bedroom is my sanctuary and where I get to replenish myself.

This is my typical morning routine;

1. Oil pulling and communication- Soon after waking and whilst I’m still in bed, I reach for the coconut oil and take a large scoop. I gargle for 15/20 min along-side I look at my phone and check any emails, social media messages and check my calendar for the day.

2. Shower and Meditation-Once I’m gargled out, it’s a quick run to the bathroom for my shower meditation usually lasts for 10 minutes, where I visualise the water cleaning my mind and any stagnant energy.

3. Bulletproof Coffee and Prep Lunch- After dressing I make myself a bulletproof coffee which includes grass fed butter and MCT oil. This has become like a ritual for me and I make sure everything has been prepared the night before, whilst the kettle boils, I make my lunch which I eat at 12 instead of breakfast. I sip my coffee in a relaxing space and create my intention for the day ahead and also take my medicinal mushroom supplement and probiotics.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given was prepare for the next day to make it as easy as possible for your future self. It’s a good way to show yourself love and respect. Starting the day with the feeling someone is on your side can make all the difference and who knows you better than anyone else, than you. Choosing the same time to wake up also frees up your energy to take on other more important issues that may arise. Sleeping at the same time will rebalance brain chemicals and reduce stress and depressive episodes. Simple things which make a big difference.

Freedom Through Choice

We grow and adapt to our societal norms and parental conditions to arrive one day to a completly new set of beliefs which may be in conflict with how we were raised. This may result in an emotional discord deep within, a feeling of cognitive dissonance effecting our bodies and minds to such an extent we would do anything for the uncomfortable feelings to stop. Understanding this is our growing, our stretching into our authentic self.

This threat to our safety is beyond anything we could imagine to tolerate but still we fight to maintain our original being. Just as the caterpillar in pupa desolves to a mush before it can reform in to its original intention. Surrendering into the unknown can be tantamount to a feeling of death to our deepest exsistence and everything we have ever known or will know.

Some how we must develop trust and faith that these intolerable feeling are messages from our higher self just as if we were moments away from a bungee jump or a free fall skydive. We must choose to trust our highest potential for this is where we belong, this is where we are ment to be. The discord is not that we need to return to what we know but we must leap to who we are.

Some Things Are Too Heavy To Ever Be Carried Alone.


I want to describe why therapy is for everyone and how we can think about and change some of the ideas around succesful engagment in the therapy room.

It can be very difficult to understand our own limitations and blind spots (blind spots are those areas we find hard to see ourselves but are aware they exsist). No one is immune to stressful life events and being able to ask for help can feel like an admission of defeat. We often share our blind spots with those who are closes to us like friends or family, resulting in the group suppression of unwanted feelings and not being OK. This sometimes makes it very isolating and shameful to admit that you are struggling.

Choosing to see a therapist can feel like the last resort but really we only provide a non judgemental safe environment for you to engage in your own process. Therapy is work and it can be hard but so rewarding. As your therapist I can see how best to facilitate your most effective route to what you want. This is the skill I bring to the table in our sessions. The therapeutic process will sometimes be based around this type of framework.

  • Understand your current situation.
  • Identify what needs to change.
  • Understand how certain views and beliefs are getting in the way of what you want.
  • work together on reestablishing a better relationship with your emotions/thinking/behaviours.
  • Resolve unwanted feelings
  • learn tools to move forward in your life with better resources

This process may take a few sessions to a longer period of time depending on where you start and how open you are to change. Therapy is a opportunuty to have a non judgemental relationship with another person who can support you, at your most vulnerable. I often remind a client that they can not get therapy wrong because it is based on the uniqueness of the individual. There is no one who is you and has had the same life experiences.

When I am contacted by a potential client, I can see the courage it has taken to ask for support and realise that this courage is the sign I need to know they are ready to start the process of evolving into their highest potential.